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My Junior High School Science mission is to create a teaching environment in which students are curious, inspired, and actively engaged in learning. Science concepts are presented in an engaging way so students can build on their prior knowledge and attain the necessary background to participate successfully and responsibly in our highly scientific and technological society. Instructional strategies encompass diverse learners addressing their various learning modalities through visuals, text-based learning, technology, and inquiry-based science instruction in the classroom and in the labs. Both independent and cooperative group learning experiences will be incorporated during the study of science.


The common core curriculum focuses on three branches of Science – Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science, all of which will be implemented to varying degrees at each grade level. Students will apply content and skills learned in science to real life experiences. Providing real life experiences, enables students to develop an awareness of science-based careers and an understanding of how science is relevant to their lives. My goal this year is for students to obtain a more in-depth understanding and enthusiasm for Earth, Life and Physical Science utilizing scientific inquiry; giving them the academic foundation to pursue future science endeavors.


In grade 6, students will explore Earth and Life Science – focusing on Earth’s dynamic surface, interactions of Earth’s systems, natural resources, classifying living things, inheritance and adaptations, and ecosystems. Students will investigate matter, atoms, and energy forms in Physical Science.


7th grade students will analyze ad discover Life Science through organisms, cell structure and functions, reproduction of organisms, evolution, genetics and human body systems. Physical Science concentrates on the foundations of chemistry, the periodic table, and classifying energy types. Earth Science topics consist of the geosphere, Earth’s atmosphere, weather patterns, and climate.


In 8th grade, students gain a deeper understanding of motion, energy, and interactions of matter with Physical Science exploration; investigating aspects of Physics to explore motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Content includes Newton’s Laws of Motion.


Students discover elements and chemical bonds along with chemical reactions and equations. Geologic changes to Earth, exploring ecology and environmental impacts create and awareness to our ever changing living environment. Life Science discovers the functions of organic and inorganic substances in the human body.