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My Junior High School Science mission is to create a teaching environment in which students are curious, inspired, and actively engaged in learning. Science concepts are presented in an engaging way so students can build on their prior knowledge and attain the necessary background to participate successfully and responsibly in our highly scientific and technological society. Instructional strategies encompass diverse learners addressing their various learning modalities through visuals, text-based learning, technology, and inquiry-based science instruction in the classroom and in the labs. Both independent and cooperative group learning experiences will be incorporated during the study of science.


The common core curriculum focuses on three branches of Science – Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science, all of which will be implemented to varying degrees at each grade level. Students will apply content and skills learned in science to real life experiences. Providing real life experiences, enables students to develop an awareness of science-based careers and an understanding of how science is relevant to their lives. My goal this year is for students to obtain a more in-depth understanding and enthusiasm for Earth, Life and Physical Science utilizing scientific inquiry; giving them the academic foundation to pursue future science endeavors.


7th grade students will explore Earth Science topics that include the geosphere, the lithosphere, Earth’s atmosphere, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. In Life Science, students will analyze and discover cell structure and functions, human body systems, parts, functions, and reproduction of plants, and types of animals.Physical Science concentrates on the foundations of chemistry, the parts of an atom, the periodic table, and classifying energy types. 


In 8th grade, the curriculum serves as an introduction to topics students will see again in high school. In the “Chemistry” unit students explore the foundation of chemistry, atomic bonding. chemical reactions, and acids and bases. During the “Physics” unit students gain a deeper understanding of motion and energy with Physical Science exploration; investigating aspects of Physics to explore motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Content includes Newton’s Laws of Motion. In the “Biology” unit students will discover the uniqueness of each person through exploration of topics that include human reproduction, types of reproduction, genetics and Punnett Squares, and the makeup and purpose of DNA. 


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Please read and understand the policy regarding students coming to school sick, with the flu, or with a fever. They will be sent home. If you can not pick them up, they will remain in the nurses office for the day and will not be permitted in class. This is very important. We have an obligation to keep our students healthy and the policy will be strictly enforced. 

If a student tests positive for the flu, children are not to return to school until they are at least fever free for 48-72 hours, as they are still considered to be contagious for about a week. In short, if your child is diagnosed with the flu, they must not come to school until they are cleared by a doctor. Any student who comes to school sick or with a fever will be sent home to insure the health and well being of everyone. All tests can be made up upon return. 

Additionally, even if your child does not have the flu, but has had a fever, they should not return to school until they are fever free for at least 24 hours. The same applies to vomiting and or/ "sensitive" stomach issues. We have members of our school family with compromised immune systems and all precautions should be taken to prevent other students from getting sick. I thank you all in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.