Michael SmithAbout Mr. Michael Smith, SJHA Elementary School Athletic Director and Religion Teacher

Michael Smith has a BA in Sports Management and a minor in business from St. John’s University and obtained his MBA in General and Special Education from Touro College. Ever since he can remember, he has always wanted to be involved with sports as a career. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, Mr. Smith is naturally competitive, motivated to succeed on any level of sports. His passion has always been sports, so when he was appointed athletic director at SJHA he was thrilled for the opportunity to bring his knowledge to the table and help the children develop.

Sports is, and continues to be, a way of life for Mr. Smith. He has over 20 years of experience playing soccer, at Holy Child, Staten Island United, St. Joseph by the Sea and a men’s soccer league. Baseball, however, is his truest passion. He played for Great Kills Little League, the Staten Island Padres and St. Joseph by the Sea. He continues to play in a men’s softball league and he hopes to show no signs of slowing down as he gets older! If Mr. Smith is not playing sports, he's teaching his son Mikey to play baseball or watching the Raiders, Rangers and of course




Grade 6 Religion 


My classroom mission is to expand on the foundation of our Catholic Faith to enable our students to become individuals who value and live their Faith everyday – in all that they think, do and say. In the 6th grade, students will be introduced to the Revelation of God the Father, Creation and Scientific Information, The building of the Covenant Nation, Jesus as Teacher and Healer, Redeemer and Savior, The Beginning of the Church, and the Church in Our World. Our students will discover and investigate the Bible and refer to Sacred Scripture in all 4 Units of Study. Incorporating interactive activities and projects, on-line videos, web-sites, classroom discussions and traditional learning, it is my goal to create an environment which will help our children grow academically, emotionally, and Spiritually, providing opportunities for these youngsters to apply real-life applications to their Faith and moral decision-making.


Our 6th graders are introduced to Stewardship, and their important role in caring for our planet and all of God’s creations. Through the examples of significant adult role models and interaction with one another, they will be challenged to accept the responsibility of Stewardship and their role in caring for everyone and everything around them. They will become our Faith leaders of future generations.


Grade 7 Religion 


In Grade 7 we expand our Christian Catholic teachings to include family, community, and the world. Through Discipleship and Evangelization, the children are called to participate in spreading the “Good News” of Jesus Christ, the Promise of Salvation, Jesus as the Healer, Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ Alive in our Church Today, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.


It is my objective that through classroom activities, individualized instruction and interdisciplinary assignments, we will continue to build on the strong foundation of our Catholic Faith already developed in our students. I also strive to create a warm, welcoming, caring and Christ-like environment as the children work and grow. I hope to achieve my goals by gathering sound Faith content, demonstrating my belief and living our Faith, and responding and acting on what we learn.


Grade 8 Religion


My 8th Grade mission is to help develop in our young men and women, a sense of appreciation, understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their Catholic Christian beliefs. Included in all content areas that will be covered this school year, is the total development of these young adults – Spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Our course of study will include: God and God’s Gift of Faith, Our Ancestors in Faith and Church History from A.D. 30 through the Present, The Church Gives Us Hope for Future Generations, Living Out the Commandments, and Our Catholic Christian Identity.


My goal is to incorporate the verbal, logical, visual, written, and interpersonal strategies of our students, to encourage them to appreciate and live by our Catholic Social Teachings. Through Sacred Scripture, our text, and web-based media, our students will focus on peer pressure and popular culture, free will, conscience, and moral decision-making, as they continue to embrace the Spiritual, morally responsible and adult-like practices of Catholic Christian Faith.




What is a calendar drive?

The calendar drive is a fundraiser to help raise money to improve the educational experiences of our students and help those in need. The calendar will highlight our students and our school. All donors will also have a whole year’s worth of chances to win a cash prize!

How does it work?

Each calendar will be assigned a lottery number – each weekday of the school year, a number will be randomly drawn. If your lottery number is pulled, you will win the specified cash prize for that day. All winners will be posted on our website weekly.

Donors can purchase as many calendars as they like to either gift or sell to family, friends, and neighbors. Consider purchasing extras to give as holiday gifts to your friends and family... there are no limits! Not only will they receive this beautiful, fun calendar, but they will have many chances to win a cash prize throughout the year!

How much can you win?

Most days the winning prize is $50!! However, there are specific days on your calendar where the prize is as much as are $100, $500 and even $1,000 dollars!! Once your number is drawn, the winner will receive a check for the day’s amount. Your check will be issued during that week and your lottery number will be re-entered for future drawings.

How do I get started?

If you would like to purchase a calendar(s), please fill out the Order Form on the reverse side of this letter and submit it with a check or credit card to St. Joseph Hill Academy for the amount purchased (calendars are $25.00 each) or complete the online payment form at stjosephhillacademy.com/2022calendar/