Social and Emotional Learning

SJHA believes it is essential to provide our students with social and emotional learning opportunities for their overall well-being and mental health. At Hill, we have Catapult counselors who work with our students from Grades 4-8 on a range of social and emotional learning topics including mindfulness, academic skills for success, and so on. 
In the 7th Grade classroom pictured here, Mrs. Hayes, a Catapult counselor in our Junior High, held a discussion with the class on positive attitudes and what it means to have one. Students were guided through a reflection on the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. They identified which statements reflected a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset or a positive statement versus a negative statement. Students were interactive throughout the class discussion and shared their thoughts on how to change fixed mindset statements into growth mindset statements. They also had time for breathing exercises and a few moments to write down their thoughts that they were then asked to share with the class if they wanted to.
It's clear that this opportunity for facilitated discussion and reflection with a trained Catapult counselor about positive attitudes and having a growth mindset will shift the way students think in the long term. It gives them the tools to better understand, manage, and communicate their emotions and encourages them to care about themselves and the world around them.