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Sixth grade- The goals of the course are to achieve the conversational facility as well as the reading, writing, and listening skills that will allow students functionally to express themselves in Spanish about their immediate environment and daily activities. Students will be able to compare and contrast Spanish phrases and greeting with their English equivalents and respond to greeting prompts in the classroom.


This course also has a grammar element which introduces the students to gender agreement and the identification of singular and plural subject pronouns. There will be considerable focus on pronunciation in Spanish and correct sounds and intonation. We will also concentrate on major cultural elements of Hispanic peoples and the differences in cultural practices to express a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture of Spanish speaking countries.


Seventh grade- This course is a continuation of the sixth grade curriculum and it applies the essentials of grammar in the Spanish language. The focus is to employ vocabulary while correctly expressing agreement of nouns and adjectives and effectively combining articles with their nouns. Students are also introduced to the present tense of verbs and will be able to detect patterns in these verbs to engage in critical thinking.


Eighth grade– This course is a continuation of both sixth and seventh grade Spanish courses which set a high expectation of mastering the Spanish sound system in listening and speaking. Students will properly pronounce, converse and apply the essentials of grammar and composition in both the present and past tenses. The students will be able to use both regular and irregular verbs in order to speak coherently about recent past actions and well as their own actions.





8th grade google classroom Link

8th graders should use this link to connect to this years Spanish google classroom.

7th grade google classroom Link

7th graders should use this link to connect to this years Spanish google classroom.

6th grade google classroom Link

Incoming 6th graders should use this link to connect to google classroom.