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Grade 6
In Grade 6, students will journey through the Ancient and Modern World. We will study Ancient Civilizations and learn what they have contributed to modern day society. We will learn the foundations of many religions of the world, such as: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


We will study Ancient societies such as Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China- to name a few. To gain better understanding of these societies we will use Document Based Questions (DBQ’s). Our goal will be to make cross-curricular connections using primary and secondary sources.


Grade 7
In Grade 7, we begin our journey into American History. We will learn the foundation upon which America was built. We begin with the Roots of American People and end with the United States construction after the Civil War. It is here we begin to understand that history repeats itself and it is up to us to make a difference in the world.


We will look at the influence other cultures have had on our nation by examining both primary and secondary sources. We will use Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) and political cartoons to help us analyze the important changes that the United States has undergone. This will allow us to use critical thinking to employ a variety of intellectual skills essential to understanding major turning points in United States history.

Grade 8
In 8th grade, we continue our exploration of American History. We begin right after the Civil War and delve all the way into modern times. We will activate prior knowledge to compare and contrast the different aspects of American History that seem to repeat itself. We will see that most wars have root in religion or land.


The 8th grade curriculum focuses on writing and critical thinking that will help us to analyze the cause and effect relationships that America continues to have with other nations. In doing so we will use Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) and Political Cartoons to enhance our knowledge and prepare us to work with and understand the history that surrounds our amazing country.



Recent Posts

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If you didn’t get a chance to spend some time at our Pampered Chef table at our Christnas fair, to browse or place an order, THERE IS STILL TIME!

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Reminders for Week of 11/25/19

  • Bring in $8 for your SJHA drawstring bag.
  • Bring in the $20 for the calendar or you MUST return the calendar you took home.
  • Half Day Tuesday and Wednesday next week.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday (by appointment only)
  • Report Cards will be available on SIS only.  No Paper Copies will go home.  Make sure you can log into SIS.
  • Full Dress Uniform Wednesday: Thanksgiving Mass

Nov. 12: Trip Reminders

All Students wear their gym uniforms on Tuesday 11/12/19.

All Students MUST bring a bag lunch on Tuesday.  There will NOT be hot lunch.

Chaperones, please meet at the Golden Doors by 9:10 AM.

Students will attend classes 1st, 2nd and 7th period.

Students can bring their phone to school, but they will NOT take their phones on the trip.

All students will receive the snack pack (popcorn, fruit snacks and fruit punch) at the theater.

Our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive begins November 12th & ends on November 25th. Please send in a donation of non-perishable food items. This year we will be making donations to both Project Hospitality and The Staten Island Giving Circle. The food will be distributed to families and centers here on Staten Island that feed our hungry neighbors.