Soccer is the most popular team sport at SJHA Elementary.  We currently have 230 members in our soccer program!  All teams compete in the Staten Island Youth Soccer League.  The majority of the girl’s games are played on a Saturday and a majority of the boy’s games are played on a Sunday.   It is a multi-level process to complete our club’s registration and do so within the time frame set by the league.  Our online registration is simple.  Please log onto:  


Players register here:

Coaches register here:


  • Complete online registration
  • Upload a current photo of the player and their birth certificate
  • Update the medical information box
  • Registration fee is be $225.00 which will be billed to you and withdrawn from the account you choose, via FACTS MGMT, in September. You will receive a FACTS acknowledgement form in September prior to being billed.
  • If your child “plays up” on a second team that registration fee is $25.00


Part of this program includes an orientation session (which will be held in September) for the parents of the players.  This mandatory session will give you a good understanding of what is expected of the players, as well as each of you, during all soccer related activities.  SJHA has a good reputation!  We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for bad behavior.  Upon registration you will read and agree to our parent / player contract which explains the zero tolerance policy.

If your child needs our mandatory uniform please log into our “uniform store”.  Jersey numbers are allocated on a first ordered / first picked basis. Other apparel in our store is optional.  Orders must be placed ASAP in order to be received by opening day.  


If you have any questions or concerns please email Frank Schirripa at [email protected] Please be certain to put Hill Soccer in the subject line.


Thank you,

Frank Schirripa

Soccer Director