SJHA Elementary School Reopening

Welcome Back

St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School welcomed students on September 9, 2020 for in-person and remote instruction. Principal Lawrence Hansen, administrators, faculty, and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure Hill reopens safely so students receive a stellar education in a true blended environment that incorporates traditional education methods, along with technology, to support the learning taking place. Students in every grade have opportunities in STEM and are nurtured in a Catholic tradition.


You might be wondering: what is St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School doing this year?


Check out this video on our reopening last week and read below for more details.



SJHA parents can choose to have their child learn from home daily for five full days of instruction or to participate in the hybrid distance learning model with in-school instruction every weekday.


The hybrid distance learning model will include some students in the classrooms with a teacher socially distant and other students will be utilizing available social distance spaces to do remote learning on campus.




This school year will be unlike any other, and things will certainly look different. The nearly 530 students in the Hill Elementary School will see shifts in education in myriad ways. Despite the challenges, Hill continues to move forward and advance traditional education methods along with technology.


All SJHA teachers from Kindergarten through 5th grade as well as all Science teachers from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Certified. PLTW provides transformative, project-based learning experiences for students. PLTW-certified teachers have training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning. 


Hill utilizes technology to enhance the learning taking place. Because technology was so integrated into the culture of our school, we were able to adapt to remote learning faster when we needed to last March.


On campus, sixth through eighth graders have Math and STEM labs as well as a Humanities Wing. Our curriculum is aligned to be a cohesive blend between English Language Arts and Social Studies. Every single SJHA student experiences the benefits of this innovative use of technology and evidence-based curriculum. 


Hill classrooms will see the addition of critically needed technological resources that ensure synchronous learning. Students in social distance spaces on campus, students at home, and students in the classroom will all learn simultaneously.

This is possible thanks to the generosity of

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardinale who supported the purchase of our classroom Poly Studio A/V Soundbar cameras and microphones
  • The Costa and Johnstone Families for the purchase of classroom televisions
  • And Mary Galante, President of Chief Energy, for supporting the purchase of the critically needed plexiglass dividers that are keeping our children, faculty and staff safe.




At St. Joseph Hill Elementary School, the use of technology has always been a part of our daily routine. Knowing that our students and teachers were well-versed in remote learning, allowed our emphasis the past few months, to be focused on safety preparations for reopening with social distancing measures in place.


We are proud to share the extensive preparations Hill put into place ahead of our reopening here on our website. We feel confident the protocols and procedures outlined in this School Implementation Plan are our best efforts at keeping Hill students, faculty, and staff healthy.