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Grade 6: In sixth grade, students apply skills they’ve learned in earlier grades to make sense of longer, more challenging books and articles. This includes learning about how authors try to influence readers and finding reasons to support their ideas. By focusing on these skills, sixth grade students will sharpen their ability to write and speak with more clarity and coherence.


Grade 8: To prepare for bigger challenges in high school, eighth grade students must grapple with major works of fiction and nonfiction that extend across cultures and centuries. They must be able to cite the evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what is explicitly stated and/or implied from a book, article, poem, or play. Eighth grade students must be able to report findings from their own research and analysis of resources in a clear manner.




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Junior High Midterm Schedule 

January 2020

Monday, January 20 – No School

Tuesday, January 21 – Social Studies (Periods 1 & 2)

Wednesday, January 22 – ELA (Periods 1-4)

Thursday, January 23 – Spanish & Religion (Periods 1-3)

Friday, January 24 - Science (Periods 1 & 2)

Monday, January 27 – Math (Periods 1 & 2)

Student Illness Policy

Please read and understand the policy regarding students coming to school sick, with the flu, or with a fever. They will be sent home. If you can not pick them up, they will remain in the nurses office for the day and will not be permitted in class. This is very important. We have an obligation to keep our students healthy and the policy will be strictly enforced. 

If a student tests positive for the flu, children are not to return to school until they are at least fever free for 48-72 hours, as they are still considered to be contagious for about a week. In short, if your child is diagnosed with the flu, they must not come to school until they are cleared by a doctor. Any student who comes to school sick or with a fever will be sent home to insure the health and well being of everyone. All tests can be made up upon return. 

Additionally, even if your child does not have the flu, but has had a fever, they should not return to school until they are fever free for at least 24 hours. The same applies to vomiting and or/ "sensitive" stomach issues. We have members of our school family with compromised immune systems and all precautions should be taken to prevent other students from getting sick. I thank you all in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. 

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