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Saint Joseph Hill AcademyUnder the Direction of the Daughters of Divine CharityElementary School

Sister Mary Coffelt, F.D.C. shares an end-of-year message with Hill Community

Daughters of Divine Charity

Holy Family Province

St. Joseph Hill Academy


June 30, 2021



Dear Parents, Students, Administrators, Faculty and Staff,


St. Joseph Hill Academy opened its doors in September of 2020 in the midst of uncertainty because of COVID-19 for in-person and virtual learning.  This decision was challenging to everyone while keeping up with the numerous health protocols being issued so that every faculty member, family and their children PreK-3 to 12th would be safe was the top priority has resulted in the successful completion of the academic school year 2020-2021.  Congratulations and best wishes to our 141 High School Seniors who graduated on June 4th, the 65 Eighth Graders on June 11th and to our 50 Kindergarteners who graduated on June 16th as well as our Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4’s who graduated on June 14th and June 16th.   We are so very proud of all our students, congratulations!


Together, we embraced these challenging months with faith, trust and prayer dealing with positive Covid tests which required quarantine, daily health reporting, temperature checks, masks and frequent reminders of hand washing and social distancing.  I am so grateful for the many hours of planning that Mrs. Molluzzo and Mr. Hansen needed to do in order to implement, with the help of their administrative teams and faculties, a sound practical and comprehensive educational plan which would ensure that everyone would be safe during these 180 days of learning.  The faculties and staffs of both schools met the challenges of remote learning with the use of new technology and additional cameras to meet the needs of our students.   Our students have grown spiritually, academically, physically and socially through the giftedness of every teacher, instructor, aid or tutor within our educational program.   The encouragement and prayers of our Sisters, School Board Members, Principals, Parents, Teachers and Staff  have made the difference in the lives of our students and their families as they also experienced the loss of their loved ones due to Covid.  Our students reached out in service to the community in various ways showing their concern for others. Our families generously supported Hill financially during these challenging times and have helped in our efforts to ensure that St. Joseph Hill Academy continues to build on the legacy of the Daughters of Divine Charity, who once filled every classroom on this beautiful campus “making God’s love visible.”


This LOVE we experienced was evident each day as the students entered with joy to meet their teachers and friends.  We felt a strong sense of friendship growing as the students in-person and remotely went through their daily tasks of our educational programs and the extra-curricular activities that we could provide allowing the students to be challenged, motivated and achieve to the best of their ability while being reminded that Jesus is the unseen, ever present teacher in our school, guiding us all to love and respect one another with compassion and mercy and to inspire each another in service to our school and community.


Our doors may have officially closed for the summer break but as we all know opportunities for growth continue as you choose to enroll your children in various camps being offered here at Hill.  Perhaps you have decided to take a long-awaited family vacation just relaxing and having fun, creating yet another chapter of memories for the year 2021 while remembering to thank Almighty God for the many blessings we have all received.  No social distancing necessary to share your thoughts and prayers with HIM and never a busy signal. 


On behalf of the Daughters of Divine Charity and the School Board of St. Joseph Hill Academy I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their dedication, generosity, friendship, love and service that we have experienced as a Hill community during these challenging months of COVID.  In gratitude for all the financial support throughout the year from our families, alumnae and friends and to all who attended the joint SJHA Golf Outing on June 18th.  Thank you to Mr. Smith and Mrs. Bifalco for organizing this event for the benefit of the Athletics program for our Elementary and High School.  We look forward to next year.


We take a moment to also remember all those who have returned to the Lord and for their families as they grieve the loss of their loved one.  We pray for peace around the world and in our cities as we celebrate our nations Independence Day on the 4th of July. 


Wishing you and your families a safe and enjoyable summer break.  God Bless and know that you are in our daily prayers.


Sincerely yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Sister Mary Coffelt, F.D.C. and Sisters