Educational Support

St. Joseph Hill Academy is known for its academic rigor. Recognizing and supporting the diverse learning needs of all our students is key to maintaining our high academic standards. Whether it be small-group instruction in the classroom, one-on-one individualized instruction, or a blended-learning lesson, we incorporate a variety of strategies to ensure maximum growth.


As Hill’s first Academic Intervention teacher, my goal is to ensure that all students are given the proper attention and guidance they need to excel. For our junior high students, this will involve small group or 1-on-1 pull-out instruction sessions to reinforce classroom concepts and review fundamentals. In grades 1-5, I will be working in the classroom with teachers to offer students more individualized instruction in small groups. I work with our Technology and Blended Learning Coach from Educate, LLC to incorporate more blended learning programs in our elementary school classrooms. I also utilize resources such as Zearn, Khan Academy, Freckle, and more to assist in increasing math understanding and fluency.