Collaborative Learning Spaces and Tools

We are excited and proud to share St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School's recent school advancements in our collaborative learning spaces and tools:
  • Collaborative Learning Technology Center
  • Anatomage Table
  • Learning Commons
  • Technology Lab
  • Junior High Science Lab 

Collaborative Learning Technology Center


The CLTC provides students in the middle school grades (5-8) with a state of the art, Collaborative Learning Technology Center. The Center has 12 computers, controllers, charging stations and PC monitors. These computers are stocked with high-end, industry standard specialized hardware that enables the students to work on technology projects, robotics, coding, gaming, and more, at a level not possible with standard PCs. The computers will support Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, 3D modeling, Robot-C, and Revit Autodesk. In addition, this technology supports the computer science modules of our Project Lead the Way program.

In the new CLTC, students are now able to engage in video editing, podcasting, and film editing. Students are guided in best practices of e-Sports and can participate in SJHA's e-Sports Club. This new pedagogy facilitates: hand-eye coordination, strategic thought, team building, critical thinking and collaboration.

Funding for the SJHA Collaborative Learning and Technology Center was generously provided by an Elementary School Alumnus in Honor of his Parents: Ursula and Charles Shudtz. 

Anatomage Table

anatomage table

SJHA's state-of-the-art Anatomage Table will enhance our Science, Math and Technology instruction. It is a virtual, 3D, life-size teaching tool of the human body. This interactive table with three-dimensional views of real human bodies will allow our students to learn about the human body via a life-sized anatomy visualization system. The Anatomage Table will help draw students' interest and attention to the exploration of human anatomy, leading to more effective educational outcomes.

Leadership Gifts are still being accepted for the Anatomage table for training and faculty development. Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Basile, St. Joseph Hill Academy's Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations, at [email protected] or call (718) 447-1374 ext 9163.

Learning Commons
learning commons
SJHA's Learning Commons opened in the Winter 2022 for students in every grade to utilize. It was designed in a manner that will support the learning of all students so that everyone will have equal access to the space with educational learning tools for everyone.
Take a peak inside!
On Recognition Day during Catholic Schools Week in February 2022, Mr. Hansen thanked our families for their generous support in making this vision a reality for our students.
Technology Lab
tech lab
SJHA's Technology Lab is one of several cooperative learning spaces for students of all grade levels. The lab is located on the 4th floor of the elementary school and serves as the location for our Project Lead the Way Robotics class.
Junior High Science Lab
junior high science lab
Our Junior High Science Lab is a hands-on learning space where students engage in laboratory experiences that develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. In the lab, students gain exposure to working with a variety of materials, and equipment that enhance their learning in a cooperative work environment. The lab serves as the setting for our PLTW Medical Detectives course as well our 6th, 7th and 8th Grade science classes.