Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4

SJHA's Preschool for three- and four-year-old students is a traditional academic setting filled with joy and exploration. We lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning, all set in a Catholic environment. Our Pre-K students are learning through play and fostering healthy habits.

SJHA Preschool is modeled on center-based play, where each “center” provides a different educational focus that inspires hands-on learning in an organized way. This environment develops fine and gross motor skills, stimulates growth, and accelerates social-emotional learning. Students develop self-help skills that build independence and confidence. SJHA Pre-K helps our youngest students learn how to take care of themselves and each other. Our curriculum and activities uniquely provide them with academic and social readiness for Kindergarten.


SJHA Preschool Schedule Options

  • Three full days
  • Five full days
  • Extended day programs

All parents have the opportunity to download the mobile app, School Rush, where teachers publish classroom events and messages with pictures on a daily basis. 

Explore some photos here. 

Student to Teacher and Teacher’s Aide Ratio

  • Pre-K 3: 12:1:1
  • Pre-K 4: 12:1:1


The SJHA Preschool Program lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning with a focus on providing students with academic and social readiness for Kindergarten.

SJHA Pre-K 3 Program

  •   Transitions from home to school
  •   Models a center-based approach using academics and playtime
  •   Develops early literacy skills
  •   Introduces basic math concepts
  •   Instills independence and confidence
  •   Encourages oral communication
  •   Promotes team building through group discussions and activities
  •   Teaches sharing and socialization skills


SJHA Pre-K 4 Program

  • Teaches a progressive curriculum that enhances a preschooler’s creative thinking, imagination, and problem-solving abilities
  • Models a center-based approach using academics and playtime
  • Integrates technology in learning including Kindles and Smartboards (though screen time is limited)
  • Promotes self-confidence through daily routines and activities
  • Provides specialized instruction in physical education, art, music, and dance classes
  • Ensures a seamless transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten
Frog Street Curriculum
SJHA Pre-K is very excited to introduce the Frog Street Curriculum. This engaging interactive curriculum program celebrates the joy of learning while children travel down the road to success. Some of the learning activities will be socialization and communication skills. Academic skills will focus on Math, Phonics, Early Literacy, and Religion. We will have Creative Arts, Music and Movement activities. Children will participate in group projects, discussions, and many learning games. We will have practice activities in centers. We also learn the alphabet, the sounds, and the numbers through various types of experiences and the Letter People Preschool Program. Most importantly the children will learn to socialize and be a part of the group. They will learn to take turns, and share and work cooperatively together.
Frog Street Pre-K includes a research-based scope & sequence for literacy, math and content domains.  Acknowledging the individual needs of ALL learners, the program includes strategies for differentiated instruction, special needs adaptations, English Language Learners and more. Cultural responsiveness strategies are also included at point of use with prompts and reminders, helping teachers maintain an anti-bias mindset. A fully integrated digital assessment tool informs instruction, and professional development tips at point of use help to build teacher capacity. Key learning domains are woven into every aspect of Frog Street Pre-K, and weekly instructional plans are easy to follow and implement with fidelity. Integrated STEAM projects promote problem solving and beginning coding skills. Interactive digital programs support virtual learning and families at home. An exclusive partnership with the Conscious Discipline® program provides the tools for a strong social-emotional foundation.


The SJHA Preschool Program provides a fun calendar of Special Events that the students both thoroughly enjoy and also learn from:

  • Superhero Day to learn the letter “S” (Pre-K 4 only)
  • Literary Character Day
  • Decades Day
  • 100 Days of School Celebration
  • Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day
  • Comfy Cozy Day
  • Favorite Color Day
  • Show & Tell: Family History Day
  • STEM Activity Day
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Wacky Hat Day
  • Halloween Parade
  • Mini Walk for Breast Cancer
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For any questions about the SJHA Preschool Program and application process, please contact Mrs. Eileen Gregor, SJHA Early Childhood Director, at [email protected].
For more general information on SJHA Elementary School you may also call (718) 981-1197 ext. 9136. 
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