Curriculum Enhancements

We are excited and proud to share St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School's recent curriculum enhancements.
  • Frog Street Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
  • Early Literacy Team
  • Academy Social Emotional Support
  • The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) STEM Program for K-8
  • Junior High Writers' Workshop
  • Spanish Language
Frog Street Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
Frog Street

SJHA Pre-K is very excited to introduce the Frog Street Curriculum. This engaging interactive curriculum program celebrates the joy of learning while children travel down the road to success. Some of the learning activities will be socialization and communication skills. Academic skills will focus on Math, Phonics, Early Literacy, and Religion. We will have Creative Arts, Music and Movement activities. Children will participate in group projects, discussions, and many learning games.

We will have practice activities in centers. We also learn the alphabet, the sounds, and the numbers through various types of experiences and the Letter People Preschool Program. Most importantly the children will learn to socialize and be a part of the group. They will learn to take turns, and share and work cooperatively together.

Early Literacy Team
As educators we are dedicated to the continued exploration of innovative teaching modalities to help inform our pedagogy in the humanities and literacy curricular. Students are offered the opportunity to read, write and explore various genres of literature to foster a love of reading and draw connections between subject and content areas. Recognizing that students in grades K to 3 are learning to read while students in grades 4 and above are reading to learn, faculty participate in a variety of professional development opportunities that promote phonetic awareness and continue to develop reading and writing across the curricula. These programs will aid in providing differentiated instruction for students at all levels of learning.
Academic Social Emotional Support

SJHA also recognizes that supporting the diverse learning needs of all our students is key to maintaining our high academic standards. Whether it be small-group instruction in the classroom, one-on-one individualized instruction, or a blended-learning lesson, we incorporate a variety of strategies to ensure maximum growth.

SJHA faculty partners with Catapult Learning and ADAPP (Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program) counselors in supporting the social-emotional and academic learning needs of all SJHA students.

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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) STEM Program for K-8
STEM project

SJHA adopted the hands-on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for our K-8. The NGSS have three distinct and equally important dimensions to learning science: crosscutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and disciplinary core ideas. They were developed to give educators the flexibility to design classroom learning experiences that stimulate students’ interests in science and prepare them for college, careers, and citizenship.

Our hands-on science programs align NGSS to our award-winning PLTW curriculum.

Ms. Christina Mistretta serves as a STEM push-in for Grades 1-4.  In this, she works with the teachers of those grades to plan and implement different STEM Activities throughout the year. In the spring, this will transition into Project Lead the Way Launch where the classes will work through different units to build upon their engineering skills.  


Junior High Writers' Workshop
writers workshop


SJHA's Junior High Writers' Workshop is designed to assist students become confident and capable writers. During the Writers' Workshop, they have the opportunity to work independently and with their classmates. Students actively engage in the writing process, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their work. Writers’ Workshop is a class focused on developing active critical thinking, reading and writing skills. Students will learn the importance of annotating, close reading, and summarizing to enhance their ability to read and break down complex information. They will also apply the knowledge and skills they acquire through this process to their own writing.

Students will prepare both fiction and nonfiction pieces, completing a variety of assignments from creative writing to research papers. Our focus will be on sensory details, expansion of vocabulary, transition words and phrases, reinforcement of English conventions, and clear organization of ideas and arguments.

Our Hill students have so many wonderful ideas, and we hope that this class will help them to express these ideas more effectively in their writing. Writers’ Workshop grades are part of a student's English Language Arts (ELA) grade.


Spanish Language
SJHA offers a Spanish Language course for all Pre-K 4 to 5th Grade students and welcomed our new Spanish teacher Mrs. Leticia Ramirez this September. Veteran teacher Mrs. Nichole Edelman continues to teach Spanish three times a week to grades 6 through 8. Learning another language at an early age gives children so many great benefits! Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem solving, critical thinking, listening skills and overall academic development. It also nurtures their curiosity.