Updated information for working times and book pick up


Just a quick clarification regarding yesterday's email about our working plans for students.

K to 4
For students in grades K to 4, the 9:00 to 2:00 time frame is a suggestion of the amount of time they may spend on school work. As they may need a little more guidance, their work does not need to be submitted by 2:00, rather it can be submitted daily by the end of the day when parents have had time to check it and help them submit. Please just check for assignments at 9:00, as some work can be done independently.

5 to 8
For students in grades 5 to 8, the 9:00 to 2:00 time frame should be more closely adhered to, as they can work independently. Assignment should be submitted at the specified times set by teachers. Many of these assignments will be graded.

If you are in need of books, I will be in my office Monday at 9:30 and available until 10:00. You can come directly to the entrance by the main office on the 4th floor. If that time is not convenient, I am more than happy to schedule a time to meet later in the day. Please just let me know. I will make any accommodations that you need.

The building is undergoing a full and complete sanitizing from a cleaning company today.

Have a safe and healthy weekend. You are in my prayers.

Mr. Hansen