Early Childhood Playground Sunshades

Keeping Cool and Safe: Sunshade Playground Structure Enhances Student Fun and Safety!

St. Joseph Hill Academy has experienced significant growth and development over its 100-plus years of educational excellence. While the Academy's growth is positively acknowledged and celebrated, each year brings new challenges with regard to renovations, innovative facilities, funding recurring facilities costs, and minor and major repairs required for operating the campus. As a result, the Academy aims to fund capital renewal needs as we demonstrate how they are linked with our academic and institutional priorities. 


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At St. Joseph Hill Academy, we have an ongoing commitment to creating and nurturing a safe environment for all students. As we move forward with a plethora of campus improvements and enhancements, it is essential to continually evaluate how we can further enrich and improve our existing facilities.


In 2023, St. Joseph Hill Academy launched a fundraising campaign to support the installation of the Playground Shade Structure for our Early Childhood, Pre-K, and Kindergarten playground. Collectively, we understand the important role that play and outdoor activities have in the development and well-being of our students across all age groups. This shade structure provides a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment, encouraging physical activity and social interaction while ensuring our young learners are protected from excessive sun exposure. Donors wholeheartedly supported our endeavor and were instrumental in making it a reality. Hill grandparents and leadership donors, Claudio and Antoniette Perfetto shared why they supported our project, "We donated to the Sunshades project because we have a grandson attending Hill and we see firsthand how important the school is to the children’s lives and we believe projects like this improve their experiences at Hill even further!"


sunshadeWe are thrilled to announce that the Sunshade Playground Structure has been successfully installed! This Spring, our youngest Hilltoppers have already begun enjoying their outdoor playtime, now shielded by the safety and comfort of the new sunshades. The structure not only enhances the children's play experience but also ensures their well-being by providing essential protection from the sun. SabrinaTeresa Sorrentino shares why she chose to support our project at a leadership level, “My daughter Marchesa was accepted to Hill for Pre-K 3 at the height of Covid. The outdoor spaces along with the caring staff allowed her and the rest of the students to thrive while so many at other schools were barely surviving. I believe the education along with the utilization of the full campus is a true blessing to both Hill students and parents. Have fun kiddos and enjoy the sunshade.”


Looking ahead to the sunnier, summer months, we are eagerly anticipating even more use of these sunshades during our Camp Koala program in July 2024. The structure will allow our campers to fully enjoy outdoor activities while staying cool and safe, making this summer's camp experience better than ever!


Projects like this would not be possible without the ongoing commitment and dedication of our SJHA donors. We extend a very special thank you to our Leadership Contributors: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiCiollo, Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Perfetto, Ms. SabrinaTeresa Sorrentino, and The St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School Family Association. Your generosity enables us to provide our students with the beautiful campus they enjoy today. Arielle and Anthony DiCiollo share, “We are very happy to support the sunshade project for our students. We believe that having the ability to play outside without constant exposure to heat and UV rays is very beneficial for children. The new sunshades will hopefully extend outdoor play and allow our children more time enjoying nature.”


sunshadesOur SJHA Campus Improvement efforts are focused on creating a vibrant, safe, and advanced space where every child can thrive. By enhancing our facilities and resources, we aim to foster an environment that supports academic excellence, personal growth, and a strong sense of community. Thank you for making these improvements possible and for investing in the future of our students. To view a full listing of all the donors of our Playground Sunshade Structure project, please view our Virtual Donor Wall, featured on our SJHA Sunshade webpage.

For additional information about how you can make a lasting impact on the sustainability of our campus, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Basile, [email protected]

Thank you to our SJHA Sunshade Sponsors!

 Leadership Contributors

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiCiollo

Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Perfetto

Ms. SabrinaTeresa Sorrentino

St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School Family Association


Sunshade Supporters

Mr. Ashrefe Apedo and Ms. Maryam Shaker

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catanese

Ms. Donna Chan and Mr. Daniel Locke

Mrs. Mary Ellen Cilento

Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore DeLauro

Mr. and Mrs. William Henson

Dr. Boutros Karam and Dr. Julie Zaidan

Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Leone

Dr. Catherine Meleka and Mr. Mark Meleka

Mr. and Mrs. Jakub Popadiuk

Mr and Mrs. Michael Rico

Mr. and Mrs. John Romani

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wieber

Mr. and Mrs. Erald Zylaj