5th Grade

Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Nunziante

The mission of fifth grade is to guide each diverse learner through this transition year from elementary school into junior high. Through differentiated instruction each student will be given the tools to reach their full potential as diverse learners. In fifth grade students will learn, understand, and practice responsibility while respecting all individuals. Through leadership, fifth grade students will become positive members of society. Students will explore the nature of Science, the solar system, ecosystems, weather/climate, and nutrition. Through reading and writing fifth grade students will learn new words and their meanings, be able to support their ideas with facts, discover and understand information they are reading, and recognize literary elements. The fifth grade class will be expected to work hard, always try their best, and have fun while learning.

St. Joseph Hill’s 5th grade performed on February 21, 2024 in the island-wide CNEWA (Catholic Near East Welfare Association) Concert for Peace at St. Joseph by the Sea HS. We are very proud! Thank you to Mrs. Innocente who prepared them for the evening’s event.