Movement & Dance and Physical Education

Movement & Dance
Pre K to 3rd Grade Students will engage in Movement and Dance class. Children develop coordination and strength as they move. Additionally, the class assists in providing a cognitive loop between the idea/ problem and the outcome or solution. At the same time it is promoting psychological health and maturity. Students learn to improve their communications skills, build confidence and reduce their shyness and anxiety. Dance class aids in fostering social encounters, interaction and cooperation. The cooperation that takes place in dance class helps students understand themselves in relation to others as they build trust, create friendships, exercise and have fun. 

Dance Teacher: Ms. Loretta O'Hara

Physical Education

phys edPhysical Education for Pre-K 4 to 8th Graders encourages students to develop interests and proficiency in physical fitness activities that are fundamental to their physical and mental health. It also provides a social outlet, encourages confidence and positive self-image, and develops their motor skills. They learn important skills like teamwork and sportsmanship.

Physical Education Teacher: Mr. John Liantonio