The music curriculum at St. Joseph Hill Academy is offered to students from Pre-K-4 through Grade 8.  It recognizes that the arts are unique forms of knowledge and expression that allow young people to give creative and critical expression to their deepest thoughts and insights about themselves, God and the world.  Students learn to appreciate music while preparing for various Masses, prayer services, and performances at assemblies and ceremonies.  Lessons are carefully planned in accordance with classroom and subject teachers, to offer an interdisciplinary experience, thus reinforcing the academic subjects by integrating them into music.

Singing in the primary grades is accompanied by movement in the general music classes.  In the middle grades, musical concepts, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, form, expression, timbre, and counterpoint are taught and executed in songs being sung.   Patriotic and religious music along with discussion of cultural musical traditions from various parts of the world are encouraged and respected.  The STREAM academy has participated in such digital projects such as lyric writing, creating digital storyboards, PowerPoints, and music videos. 

Music teacher and pianist, Mrs. Regina Innocente, has taught music at SJHA since 1998.  She is the accompanist at elementary school events.  She recently earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Teaching with Emerging Technologies which has proved to be useful and effective during the pandemic and will be beneficial in the future of digital education.

Here are video examples of our students in action: