3rd Grade

Ms. Patricia Fortuna and Mrs. Kristin Chaia

Our third grade mission is to continue to learn about our faith and to strive to live as Jesus asks. To facilitate this goal, both teacher and students will endeavor to create a comfortable classroom environment in which each child is encouraged to participate, in which each child’s contributions are appreciated, and in which each child gains the confidence necessary to readily accept the challenges of third grade.

Early Literacy Team
As educators we are dedicated to the continued exploration of innovative teaching modalities to help inform our pedagogy in the humanities and literacy curricular. Students are offered the opportunity to read, write and explore various genres of literature to foster a love of reading and draw connections between subject and content areas. Recognizing that students in grades K to 3 are learning to read while students in grades 4 and above are reading to learn, faculty participate in a variety of professional development opportunities that promote phonetic awareness and continue to develop reading and writing across the curricula. These programs will aid in providing differentiated instruction for students at all levels of learning.