Kindergarten 2024 Class News

Kindergarten is an exciting milestone in the life of a child. Here at St. Joseph Hill Academy, we are committed to developing a strong foundation for our students as they begin their journey through formal education. Our students interact in an environment where learning is fun and meaningful. We aim to develop self-confidence and academic excellence in every student through a rigorous curriculum that adheres to the Common Core State Standards and meets the needs of students in the 21st century.
February News
Our school Book Fair is on Wednesday, February 7th. Our Class will attend from 12:45pm-1:25pm.
We will celebrate the 100th Day of School on February 12th with a T-Shirt Fashion Show! Create a T-Shirt with 100 items to wear on this day!
Early Dismissal at 11:00am on Friday, February 9th.
February 14th is Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday. Please dress in red or pink. We will attend a prayer service for Ash Wednesday where we will be receiving ashes. 
NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 19th in observance on President's Day!


Flu Precautions and Protocol:
Please take all precautions to prevent the spread of germs both at home and in school. Talk to your children and reinforce the idea that they must constantly wash their hands throughout the day, especially after they use the restrooms, both at school and at home. We here at school will remind them as well. Upon return from school each day, their uniforms should be aired out and/or washed. Additionally, we encourage them to use hand sanitizer between hand washings, within reason.
Remember that if they test positive for the flu, children are not to return to school until they are at least fever free for 48-72 hours, as they are still considered to be contagious for about a week. In short, if your child is diagnosed with the flu, they must not come to school until they are cleared by a doctor. Any student who comes to school sick or with a fever will be sent home to insure the health and well being of everyone. All tests can be made up upon return.

Additionally, even if your child does not have the flu, but has had a fever, they should not return to school until they are fever free for at least 24 hours. The same applies to vomiting and or/ "sensitive" stomach issues. We have members of our school family with compromised immune systems and all precautions should be taken to prevent other students from getting sick. I thank you all in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.